Happy Birthday to Me!

Thanks to everyone for all the love today and always!

38 is Great (Well so Far!)

Today was how birthdays should be — the sun comes out, your favorite songs play on the radio and people spoil you kind of day.

Growing up, my mom always made a big deal about birthdays, and that’s stuck with me. I always celebrate the same way…by taking the day off to enjoy a massage, good coffee and food with people I love, journaling and knocking out a nagging project on my to-do list.

So what’s this year’s nagging project you may ask? Ahem, you’re reading it.

For years I’ve felt pulled to start a lifestyle blog. I love writing, inspiring and helping others and documenting memories. There’s just been one problem — and a BIG one. When on Earth was I going to find time for this when I can’t even keep up with the laundry, kids, work, LIFE?! Turns out that wasn’t the only problem. A real problem has been that I have had the time….I just haven’t had the time to do it the way I’d wanted…optimized with great/edited photos, etc. And honestly a part of me feels like I’m back in my tweens letting you all read my lock-and-key diary of my raw thoughts.

Taking a leap..Done is better than perfect!

Buuuut, today is someday. And even though I really want to just crawl in bed on a rare night I have “off” while my sis has my kids, today I’m making it happen.

This spoke to me as I was about to embark on a new career opportunity a couple of years ago. It sits on my desk as my bravery reminder.

Today is someday. Live your best life. Be vulnerable. Make imperfect progress. Deep breath. 5-4-3-2-1….Go!

These have been some of my mantras for the past couple of years as I’ve pushed myself outside of my comfort zone to take hold of the life of my dreams. And I’m clinging to them as I put myself out “there”, here.

So this. is. happening!!!

In the years to come, I hope to look back on this step forward as I now do in other areas of my life. I used to think to myself, “I want to be like those women who read devotions on their porches at sunrise with foamy lattes.” And then I thought, “So do it, silly.” That was an easy one!

I center myself with a quick 7-20 minute (usually 10) Down Dog Yoga practice (which I highly recommend checking out). This has been a ritual that I’ve enjoyed so much that I refinished my deck and bought a fancy schmancy milk frother to make it even better. It’s like brushing my teeth. I feel “off” when I don’t start my days like this. And actually, some of my favorite memories are my yoga/devotion/meditation/gratitude practices while on vacation, such as overseeing the sun popping over the Rocky Mountains alongside the Big Thompson River in Colorado.

When the sunrise starts pushing the bus schedule, I add some beeswax Milkhouse Candles to my routine. These are Caramel Pumpkin Latte (no longer sold 🙁 ) and Brown Butter Latte because I LOVE pumpkin EVERYTHING!!! This is what fall smells like to me.

Own the morning, own the day

In the end of 2017 one of my former employees inspired me to start working out in the mornings. I hit the physical gym before my spiritual gym and the combo empowers me to start my day off on the right foot. Of course of all days, I wanted to kick off my birthday and 38 “right”!

So my birthday started with Les Mills’ BODYPUMP. a weights class synchronized to upbeat chart toppers, at my local YMCA. This is funny to me because months ago it was the instructor’s birthday, and I thought to myself, “I would never come to class on my birthday. Birthdays are for treating yo self.” And there I was. Never say never, people.

It turned out to be worth it, because the whole day synched up beautifully. The kids showered me with their adorable homemade cards and kisses before heading off to school. I soaked in a hot bath with this Pink Himalayan sea salt magical potion. And then Trent took me out to my fave meal evah — brunch!

There is a gem in town town that serves brunch on weekdays that don’t involve waiting (something I abhor with a passion). AND they had my fave breakfast food — sweet potato pancakes!!! Score!

I fell in love with Cracker Barrel’s sweet potato pancakes when pregnant with Adler and have been a bit obsessed since they’ve since been taken off the menu. So I had been anticipating these suckers for weeks and was practically drooling as we were seated and looking at the menu (hello, post-workout ghrelin). But they were no where to be found! Apparently, they’ve never served them, and the online menu was just created for the restaurant’s opening earlier this year and doesn’t reflect actual offerings. However, the server felt so bad when I’d asked about them and brought me some inventive curried sweet potato and apple bisque as a peace offering as well as a comped dessert in celebration of my birthday. She was a keeper!

Next I headed off to Starbucks for my birthday reward because I’m all about the freebies today and every day. I only get ventis as reward drinks. Special occasions are celebrated with breves — game changer, people! May I take a moment to say how much I also love mobile ordering?! Not only does it conquer my wait peeve but it also supports my high-maintenance preferences. The barista assured me that my mobile order was actually nothing compared to some she sees. If she says so!….

Venti decaf, 1 pump pumpkin spice, 2 pumps white chocolate mocha sauce, 1 pump toffee nut syrup, extra foam, breve, extra hot, smoked sea salt topping. I couldn’t decide between the salted caramel mocha and the PSL, so was trying to combine the two. And would you believe that this mix actually eliminates a pump of syrup and drizzled sauce? I think this hit my sugar quota for the week!

Then I headed off to massage bliss with Jon Paul at Imagine Peace Massage. Jon Paul is an old friend from college and has been my massage therapist for years. He is the perfect mix of talking/not, pressure, etc. that I like, and he’s got a gift for his work. Massages are my birthday and Mother’s Day treats because nothing unwinds me from stressed to serene better. But he’s also the reason I was able to run Dam to Dam last year after I jacked my knee during training. I simply can’t recommend him enough, and I love that he is now part of Maggie’s business. If you’re looking for the real deal, you should check them out!

This sign at the tea counter spoke to me. It’s spot on!

While I was in “town” (I say this like I still live out in the country even though I reside in suburbia), I had to swing by my happy place, aka Trader Joe’s, to score some fall finds before they fly off the the shelf. (A couple of blogs completely dedicated to this will be coming, I promise!) Someone I love dearly has an in with someone extremely thoughtful who works there and knew it was my birthday. As I was checking out, another crew member presented me with the gorgeous bouquet of flowers pictured above that I’d wanted to treat myself with but didn’t because I have been trying to stick to our budget. I love flowers!

Fall finds at Trader Joe’s aka my happy place!

Then I dropped off the kiddos at my sister’s for a slumber party. She surprised me with hot-from-the-oven zucchini bread (a childhood fave) and some other gifts including local cream for another #BirthdayBreve. I flavored it with some of that amazing TJ’s Cinnamon Bun Spread pictured above, Ah-mazing!

My plan was to order the aforementioned sweet potato pancakes AND the benny and then have leftovers (which I love!) for supper. When my loving hubby saw my disappointment, he offered to make me another of my faves — Reubens!

It’s 11:48 p.m., and my birthday’s nearly over. I’d wanted desperately to go to sleep hours ago and to organize my TJ’s haul in my storage room pantry downstairs with Trent as he worked his last night shift. But I’m proud of my decision. I did it! I took the first step, the first proverbial bite of the elephant.

If you’ve read through this far, thanks for journeying along with me. What I’d really like this year is your support, may it be engagement/sharing/liking my posts, tips for better blogging, help with editing or photos, or holding me accountable for actually posting.

And what about you? Today is a great day to take the next step to live the life of your dreams.

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  1. Oh Katie. I love it. Keep on writing and gifting inspired words to the world. Happy birthday and welcome to the world of one day. I think I’ll join you very soon with some one day ideas. Thanks for the reminder to celebrate first steps, joy in being you, and progress over perfection.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting and for your encouragement, Allie! It means so much to me! I look forward to your bright light shining and uplifting the women you reach!

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