For some time now, I’ve felt called to share things that have/are helping me in hopes that they will inspire others.

Never has there been a more important need for this and positivity than now as we are all doing our best to navigate through this global pandemic.

We were each put on this planet at this exact time and created for a Divine purpose bigger than ourselves. For such a time as this.

Now is the time we’re needed more than ever to share God’s Light into this world that so desperately needs it.

So I’m committing to making this happen one baby step at at time via #WhatsHelpingMe. I’ll surely falter. And I’ve never had more on my plate than now as, like many of you, I’m also trying to be the home chef, daycare provider and teacher in addition to my paying job and other roles. But hold me accountable, friends. I appreciate your love and support!